Following a successful trial at its Wembley facility, Dhamecha is rolling its STL cloud-based backup and business continuity solution out across its entire estate of eight depots.

The Today’s group member had previously been using a file-based cloud backup service, but this had proved unreliable because it relied on manual intervention.

With STL’s fully managed image-based backup service, all of Dhamecha’s servers will automatically be backed up every 15 minutes, as mirror images to separate local storage devices. This will not only minimise data loss in the event of a server failure, but enable a very speedy recovery. These backup devices are also automatically replicated to highly secured cloud storage to provide additional data protection, which would preserve the business’s historical data in the event of a more profound disaster such as a software virus, hack attack, fire or flood.

In addition, Dhamecha’s Head Office has been fitted with STL’s high performance Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) device. This creates a real-time image that will enable the team to start it up immediately as a virtual server should there be any outage of the normal server, which would enable the organisation to continue trading and minimise the impact of any problem.

For added peace of mind, STL’s service includes daily checks to ensure all systems are backed up according to agreed schedules, plus the servers automatically provide regular status reports, for example on disk and memory usage, along with real-time alerts about any problems that may be starting. Combined, this will allow STL to pre-empt any issues before they can threaten trading.

Should the worst happen and Dhamecha is hit by some disaster, however, STL will be on hand to swiftly recover the data and restore the business to full trading capacity with minimum disruption and cost.