Following intensive testing, STL has selected the Datalogic FalconTM X3 as our next generation handheld terminals. Combined with our Merchandise Management Software, it has the power to improve our clients’ accuracy, productivity and profitability.


STL’s new handheld units are tough enough for any warehouse. They have been built to survive drops onto concrete of 1.8 m (6 ft), have tough polycarbonate key caps, and have an IP65 sealing rating that ensures ultimate protection against water and dust.

Easy and comfortable to use

The unit’s Windows Mobile 6.5 user interface is so intuitive to use that training is minimal and new users can get up to speed really quickly.

Data and commands can be entered via a touch screen, and a choice of keyboard – with either 29 numeric or 52 alpha/numeric keys – that enable discrete navigation.

In addition, its contoured shape and pistol grip handle with finger rest ensures that it is easy to balance and control with one hand, which further boosts productivity. Plus, its long-range scanner minimises the physical demands on the user.

Easy to Read

Its 3.5”, backlit screen, with a QVGA (phone quality) colour display, makes it crystal clear to read even in bright daylight.

High Performance

The Falcon’s auto laser or 2D image scanner ensures quick capture of any barcode format, while its unique ‘green spot technology’ visually confirms a successful read to minimise errors even in noisy environments.

Meanwhile, its Laird/Summit IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n dual band WiFi radio ensures the fast data throughput that guarantees real-time information distribution throughout your operation. Yet CCX v4 security protects your business-sensitive data.

What’s more, the single-piece 5,200 mAh battery will last a full shift.


A range of optional accessories provide additional benefits. They include a multi-battery charger, vehicle dock, soft case with quick-release clip and a rubber boot for ultimate protection.


Falcon X3 Brochure

Falcon X3 Specifications