STL Business Intelligence is helping the Falkland Islands Company (FIC) to keep up with global wholesale trends, and to anticipate and meet ever-changing customer demands despite its remote location and fluctuating population.

The Falkland Islands Company (FIC) provides a range of essential services for land-based islanders and tourists as well as the workers on the nearby oil rigs and visiting ships, including retail and wholesale.

In addition to the usual challenges of wholesaling, the FIC faces some unique logistical difficulties posed by its remote location and a population profile that is constantly changed by business and tourism activities.

The company has long relied on STL’s systems to manage its stock, sales and ordering operations. Now, with STL Business Intelligence, FIC’s UK-based procurement team is able to intelligently and efficiently analyse trends in food, clothing and household goods, track global supply chain performance, and forecast demographic patterns.

Armed with this intelligence, the company can better anticipate the fluctuating needs of its diverse customer base, collate all the factors that will affect its supply chain and order more accurately to satisfy demand cost-efficiently.