Despite best intentions and practice, crucial backup processes and physical servers are inevitably vulnerable to a range of threats, from fire and flood to viruses and – most commonly – to old-fashioned human error.

STL’s Remote Server Management service

The STL Server Management service provides remote monitoring of the performance of your CPU, tracks event logs, and checks your disk usage, memory status, key processes, file/folder sizes, warranty status, and completion of back-up and anti-virus updates. By tracking these critical indicators, STL can identify any brewing IT platform issues in time for remedial action to be taken before business is compromised.

The service also provides scheduled preventative maintenance of STL application software, operating system software and firmware updates.

STL’s Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) service

STL provides a fully-managed, multi-tiered data backup and recovery service that provides customers with total peace of mind.

Unlike file-based backup services, STL BDR does not rely on manual intervention by the wholesaler. Instead, all of a wholesaler’s servers are automatically backed up every 15 minutes, as mirror images to separate local storage devices. This will not only minimise data loss in the event of a server failure, but enable a very speedy recovery.

The data on these backup devices is also automatically replicated to ‘cloud storage’ in a remote, high security facility, to provide additional data protection. This would preserve a business’ historical data in the event of a more profound disaster such as a software virus, hack attack, fire or flood.

In addition, your Head Office could be fitted with STL’s high performance BDR device. This creates a real-time image that will enable the team to start it up immediately as a virtual server should there be any outage of the normal server, which would enable you to continue trading and thereby minimise the impact of any problem.