STL’s cloud-based monitoring service has been designed to ensure our clients don’t suffer from the common IT issues that often disrupt wholesale trading.

It involves our engineers regularly checking your servers remotely, via a secure Internet connection, for problems like:

  • Inadequate disk space – to make sure your system has the capacity to perform efficiently
  • Back-up error – to ensure you don’t lose critical trading data
  • Compromised security – including out-of-date anti-virus software or missing security patches, to keep you as protected as possible
  • Incomplete software updates – to ensure you benefit fully from IT developments
  • Hardware wear and tear – to enable replacement before system failure can threaten business downtime.

Proven payback

The service has been proven to pay for itself in numerous ways. Firstly, it takes a great deal of the stress of running IT systems away from the business managers.

Secondly, because STL’s experts will spot embryonic issues early on, it allows us to fix them for you more cheaply, more quickly, and with less chance of trading disruption.

And, thirdly, by getting early warning of component strain, you will have the opportunity to budget for anything that might need replacing.