STL’s Foodservice Solution is evolving to help operators take advantage of the latest technology advances to meet changing customer demands.

We have already successfully adapted our software to integrate seamlessly with the SwiftCloud smartphone-based ordering app. With this innovation, four major wholesalers are now offering their customers greater purchasing convenience, on the go and 24/7. This, in turn, is securing greater loyalty and up-spend for the wholesalers. Read more about one foodservice operator’s experience here >>>

Meanwhile, in the warehouse, we’ve upgraded our wrist-held picking systems to the industry’s finest RF guns. These run the STL SOP system, making the link between customer orders and fulfilment seamless and significantly improving picking efficiency.

We’re also working closely with delivered wholesalers to tailor our warehouse management system, STL WMS, to provide specific foodservice functionality such as date management and stock location. Combined, this will boost batch prioritisation and overall warehouse efficiency. Read more about this solution in action >>>