Cloud-based computing is growing at an incredible rate. According to Synergy Research Group, the global market for cloud-based IT infrastructure, hardware and software services grew by 21% in 2015. Research firm IDC forecasts that worldwide spending on public cloud services could double from this to a value of $141 billion by as soon as 2019.

The reason for this uptake is that it offers significant benefits to users, which STL is now bringing to wholesalers.

Trusted technology companies like Microsoft and Google are leading the cloud computing charge. Because of their combined customer reach, software as a service (SAAS) and platform as a service (PAAS) now offer much-reduced cost of entry and an attractive monthly billing model.

Because all STL software is developed on the Microsoft platform, our cloud-based solutions will be able to bring those cost advantages to the wholesale sector.

They will also scale dynamically from a small user package through to a full enterprise model.

Importantly, this makes the sector’s leading business control software both affordable for emerging wholesalers and foodservice operators, and a valuable platform for future growth. This will not only save them money and headaches down the line but optimise their return on investment.

STL’s cloud-based solutions will offer:

  • Much lower cost of entry, pay as you go
  • Instant scalability so your IT can grow with your business
  • Robust and secure platforms
  • Maintenance-free, current and compliant
  • Fast implementation: days rather than weeks