STL’s cloud-based Backup & Recovery service is like ‘roadside cover’ for both your STL and non-STL systems – only faster!

While each contract will be tailored to meet a wholesaler’s specific needs, it can include secure data replication and storage, and various response levels of data restoration that will ensure peace of mind and a speedy return to operational activity after any server breakdown or disaster.

Data backup & recovery
With this essential cover, data from your STL SOP and other key business systems will automatically be replicated as a mirror image every 15 minutes onto a secure Network Attached Storage (NAS) system on your premises. This, in itself, will eliminate the most common cause of backup failure: human error
This data is then, in turn, automatically fed via a protected Internet connection to a remote data centre for the most secure storage
If your on-premises server should then suffer any problem, you will be able to recover all your historical data from the secure storage facility to enter onto your new or repaired server, helping you to return to full operational activity quickly and with minimum headache

Continuous trading
With this advanced cover, in addition to the data backup and recovery facility, your data will be fed to a high performance Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) unit at the remote data centre
In the event that your on-premises server fails, you will be able to immediately switch to the BDR and continue trading, using your STL SOP and other supported business systems in full, while the problem with your primary system is sorted out
Again, once the technical problem on your site is resolved, you’ll quickly be able to restore all your historical data to it.

Added advantage
A reassuring bonus of these cloud-based services is that, because STL’s team of experts provides this service to numerous companies 24/7, it can afford far superior hardware and security solutions than you can. This means that failures and security attacks are far less likely to occur in the first place. However, if a problem does occur, STL will be in a position to spot and tackle it before it can impact your ability to trade.

STL Backup & Recovery service at a glance

  • 15 minute back-ups
  • Secure off-site data duplication and storage
  • Fast data recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Industry-best IT infrastructure
  • Cover for STL and non-STL systems