In response to growing customer demand, STL Technology Solutions has signed an exclusive UK reseller agreement with NCR Corporation to offer software, hardware and services to large-scale convenience retailers with multiple outlets.

NCR is undisputedly the global leader in consumer transaction technologies: each day, some 700 million transactions are handled by its systems worldwide.

A very convenient PoS system
The STL/NCR IT offering centres on NCR StorePro POS, an open, flexible and robust Point of Sale (PoS) and store management platform that gives large-scale operators speed, accuracy and reliability, as well as various options for growth.

Already proven, with 100,000 units operating successfully at 25,000 sites around the world, NCR StorePro helps operators to impress their customers with efficiency and professionalism where they will notice it most.

Crucially, the resilient unit offers full lane independence for 100% uptime. It has also been future-proofed to optimise return on investment – with optional modules that enable mobile PoS, integration with the separate operational elements that larger retail chains will incorporate, such as forecourt and newspaper sales, and self-checkout.

Self-checkout integration is crucial as it is the fastest growing segment of the PoS systems market, and NCR has been the top provider of these solutions for 15 years running (RBR).

Click here to download the NCR StorePro data sheet