Since we integrated the SwiftCloud B2B mobile app into the STL Sales Order Processing (SOP) system, we’ve seen our first seven clients enjoy significant benefits.

The integrated solution provides our clients with a mobile ordering app that not only encourages customer up-spend and loyalty, but provides rep ordering functionality that aids business development, and also easier web ordering. Orders from SwiftCloud come straight into the SOP dashboard so they can be allocated to a picker for a rapid response in the warehouse. But it offers so much more.

While SwiftCloud was originally developed as a convenient and portable transactional ordering platform, it is becoming much more than that and heralds the next generation of customer relationship management. Here, apps offer enormous advantages over other channels. According to SwiftCloud:

  • Customers on average look at their mobile phones 150 times per day
  • App users buy 3 times more than mobile web users
  • App conversion rates are 120% higher than on mobile website
  • Apps deliver 2.5 times higher retention rates than mobile websites
  • 97% of Push Notifications are read, compared with just 4% for email
  • App users interact 2.8 times more than mobile web-users

With all this, it means that offering a mobile ordering/purchasing option has become business-critical for wholesalers and retailers alike.

Since integrating SwiftCloud into its STL delivered solution, Venus Wine Spirit Merchants has seen month on month increase in use by its customers. So far this month the number of app orders has already doubled from last month.

Laki Christoforou, Venus’ Chairman, said,

‘Our customers love it. They can now make their orders whenever it suits them – whether they’re in the stock room, out front, travelling or even in bed! It’s instant and easy for them to use. It’s easy at our end, too – orders go straight into our STL Sales Order Processing system for swift, seamless fulfilment, and is automatically fed into our accounting system to close the transaction.’

Customers of Chetan Wholesale have also taken to the convenient purchasing option.

Kishore Mandalia, Director of Chetan Wholesale said,

‘An increasing percentage of our orders now come through SwiftCloud. Our customers really like the fact they can order whenever they want, in just a few easy clicks.

‘And we love the efficiency of it. Integrating SwiftCloud with our STL delivered solution has effectively allowed us to say goodbye to manual order processing and related paperwork, saving us a lot of time, and cutting out the potential for human error.’