STL is delighted to confirm that we will be launching the next-generation release of our Merchandise Management System (MMS) in Q3, following real-world testing over five months at a major mixed wholesale operation.

Building on the success, stability and much-loved features of STL MMS, the leading stock management system in the UK wholesale sector, the new release is the result of the design and engineering teams applying the latest web technologies to create a dynamic solution that will meet all the emerging as well as current demands on operators.

Face lift
Users will note a fully refreshed style that gives the MMS a modern look that is very easy to view and intuitive to navigate. This includes a ‘dazzling dashboard’ with Key Performance graphs for all key processes, which help users quickly comprehend operational performance in all areas of the business.

Anytime, anywhere
Reflecting customers’ desire for full office mobility, the new release also has a fully responsive design, which means it scales to fit mobile devices such smart phones and tablets and is compatible with all commonly used browsers for swift access.

Supreme productivity
Furthermore, the new release offers many helpful aids which add up to a smoother workflow and superior user experience. These include a full-view menu and shortcuts that are designed for touch interfaces to improve the navigation experience, along with auto-complete search boxes, a Date and Range picker, and improved report scheduling.

Superior security
The new release gives users more options and flexibility when setting security parameters, including role-based access so you can set controls that support your unique business structure.

Keeping up with the latest
In addition, the new Automated Upgrade delivery mechanism means you can easily keep up with the latest STL patches and features.

Launch news
We’ll be in touch with customers as we near the commercial launch of the new release. If you’d like to be on this contact list, please email, or watch this space!