Following a successful pilot, STL has now fully launched its comprehensive Customer Enquiry Management Service.

Operated by STL’s highly experienced Support Analysts, it has been designed to provide wholesalers and retailers with a one-stop point of enquiry about any IT issue, for all their staff or franchisees, no matter how many outlets they have. The seamless, centralised service connects all of an STL customer’s disparate IT vendors to facilitate faster resolution of problems, and to keep callers better informed throughout.

Who’s it for?
Multi-outlet wholesalers and retailers.

How does it work?
The Service is operated by STL’s highly experienced Support Analysts, and is powered by the very impressive and secure cloud-based project management tool, Manuscript.

Manuscript uses sophisticated algorithms to calculate the best IT resolution options for customers – accounting for, for example, their IT network profile and history, their service agreements with various IT providers, the specific user problems reported, and other pertinent factors.

What does it offer?
Upon experiencing any IT issue, the customer simply calls one STL Service number – regardless of system/component manufacturer or provider.

After taking initial Identification and Problem details from the caller, an STL Analyst will quickly determine the best course of action, drawing on decades of STL’s own in-house technical knowledge and Manuscript’s recommendations. Where appropriate, issues will be handled by STL’s technical team, remotely or on-site as required. Otherwise, they will be fast-tracked to specialist service centres, such as Barclaycard, Verifone or Optomany for EFTPOS issues, NCR or PosAbility for hardware issues, or the company’s software provider.

STL’s Analysts then proactively follow up the distributed enquiries to ensure their callers are promptly attended to, and are satisfied with the solution provided. In the meantime, they keep callers informed of their enquiry’s progress through its designated service channel.

Customer testimonial
Golf Holdings, parent company of Belfast-based wine and spirit store chains such as Wine Inns and Winemark, has successfully trialled the service and now rolled it across its 108-outlet estate.

Willie Mawhinney, the company’s IT Manager, said

‘STL’s enquiry service has taken the headache out of IT issue resolution. Before, each individual store would have to try to self-diagnose whether the problem was a hardware or software issue, and work out which provider to try to contact in order to get some help. This was a particular challenge in some of our smaller stores where there is very little in-house IT knowledge. Simply logging a problem could take some time, all the while potentially taking a staff member away from vital customer service, prolonging system downtime and increasing the impact on trading.

‘Since using the STL service, our staff members just have to worry about calling one number. The fact they’re kept informed about resolution progress also enables them to decide how to best manage store resources in the meantime, to keep our own customers happy.’

Future proof
STL’s Enquiry Management Service has a planned migration path.

In the near future, it will be extended with a portal that enables customers log their own calls, for even greater fluency and speedy resolution.