Twinmar has appointed STL to provide a one-stop IT services and support shop for all of its 43 outlets across the UK, helping it to keep all of its various IT systems up and running.

Under its trading names of Soletrader, Soletrader Outlet and SOLE, Twinmar has been bringing the leading shoe brands to the high street for more than half a century. Today, it has a multi-channel presence with 43 stores and a strong digital footprint. It has sustained steady growth through challenging market conditions by maintaining an emphasis on exceptional customer service and an unparalleled range of brands for men, women and children.

This performance is crucially underpinned by a sophisticated IT system, fronted by the Power ePOS system, that enables the company to manage stock efficiently and deliver a seamless purchasing experience for customers.

System downtime could seriously impact the company’s performance and therefore its reputation, so Twinmar has long invested in around-the-clock IT support services. However, it wasn’t happy with the industry trend towards faceless service provision, with its attendant inflexibility and lack of familiarity of its unique business needs or wider technology context.

In search of a more personal service, Twinmar turned to STL. Based in the UK, its service desk acts as a one-stop shop for all popular third party business systems as well as STL solutions. Every customer has a dedicated account manager who will triage the initial call, and direct the problem to an appropriate expert – whether in-house or at a third party product provider.  In the case of the latter, STL takes ownership of the resolution of the technical issue by the third party, acting as a bridge for the customer, reporting on progress and ensuring the agreed schedule is adhered to.

The transition from Twinmar’s old service provider to STL was completely seamless, with no impact on the business.

David Bordon, the company’s IT Director has been very impressed with the experience, saying, ‘We are all sold the idea of the big faceless “service” machines as being cost-effective, but they are a bit of a lottery in terms of response times and care factor. STL provides a refreshing contrast, with a really personal and knowledgeable service. You not only get to speak to a human, but a human who knows what they’re talking about and how to help.

‘That’s really reassuring for our store personnel, who are – of course – appointed for their charisma and retail talent rather than IT skills. The fact they are kept up-to-date by STL also means they can plan how best to manage the store while the problem is being resolved, to minimise any impact on our customers and sales.’