According to UK-based Juniper Research, by 2021 mPOS will account for about 1/3 of all installed POS terminals worldwide – and 45% of POS transaction value. In response ,STL is working with NCR to revolutionise the customer experience – with Smart Retail Mobile.

Ideal for speciality and fashion retailers, the STL/NCR Smart Retail Mobile POS solution essentially performs all the standard functions of a POS terminal from a mobile tablet.

With this device, sales associates can assist shoppers making a simple purchase, or process complex transactions such as layaways, special orders, or paying with multiple tender types, coupons and gift cards. And they can do so from anywhere in the store. This gives your team the opportunity to quickly address any build-up of queues to maintain a satisfying customer experience and the sales pace up.


This mobility also helps you stimulate sales. Increasingly, your customers are using social media for recommendations, reviews and comparisons – which often makes them more informed than your staff. This is where the STL/NCR solution can make a real difference. It can store useful information such as sizing charts and colour options, customer profiles and loyalty status, or stock availability. This enables staff to answer customers knowledgeably and quickly, on the spot, adding the value differentiator that can often clinch a sale.

To make the transaction even easier, Smart Retail Mobile also accommodates customers’ increasing desire to pay with ‘digital cash’ via Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Sales transactions between Smart Retail Mobile POS and traditional POS terminals can be suspended and recalled at will, giving sales staff maximum flexibility across checkout touchpoints.

The solution also offers hardware integrations that help expand the functionality further, providing support for Bluetooth and wi-fi printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, PIN pads and more.

Data from the mobile solution can automatically and seamlessly transfer to your core accounting or stock management systems, reducing your risk of data entry errors and supporting your reporting requirements.

Security is another major benefit, with the rise in mPOS software now bringing the latest security capability to even small operators. Transactions are encrypted and card data is not stored on the mPOS device, which minimises security issues and makes it quicker and easier to comply with regulations such as PCI DSS.

Combined, these provide customers with a smoother, quicker, happier experience, which boosts sales and loyalty, while improving your reporting capability, data accuracy and security.

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