Forget shoplifting. These days, the main source of financial loss for retailers or wholesalers is from theft or fraud at the Point of Sale.

Whether by well-meaning misjudgement or criminal intent, it appears checkout staff have become all too casual about approving price or credit limit overrides, discounts, product voids and fraudulent product returns.

This behaviour has been enabled by traditional security techniques such as swipe cards, PINs and passwords – all of which can easily be shared. It’s even not uncommon to see till PINs left on sticky notes at the till for anyone to see!

Sound familiar? Then STL’s new biometric POS solution might be for you.

Quite simply, it requires a fingerprint to access a POS system, controls who can perform which activities and tracks all activity against that individual operator. It only permits authorised personnel to process exceptions such as discounts, refunds or voids, and the monitoring allows senior managers to identify exactly who has been responsible for exceptional transactions.

Importantly, because the operator knows that their activities are being monitored, they will have a strong incentive to follow approved pricing and product handling processes, which will engender a more secure culture.

The STL solution has been tested with a major operator on four checkouts over the last three months. Delighted with how easy it is to use and the positive impact it has had on behaviour and its bottom line, the wholesaler has now commenced rollout to all of its till points.