STL has appointed Pete Faulkner as its new Service Delivery Manager. The keen cyclist and fell walker is no stranger to hard work.

He will be pedalling hard to ensure customers’ day-to-day support needs are being met to the highest standards, while providing vital intelligence from the field that will help STL map out a best-practice and customer-oriented professional services strategy.

Meet Pete
Pete Faulkner is excited that his new role at STL will draw on both of his career strands.

He has a very strong corporate technology background – notably at Computer Sciences Corporation, where he was an Enterprise Package Solutions Specialist. He also has more than 20 years’ experience in service delivery, a role he proudly approaches as an ongoing business-critical partnership with customers.

He said, ‘It’s not good enough to passively sit by until a customer has suffered a major IT incident and then respond. By then, the business has already been impacted. Quality service provision involves understanding a customer’s business as well as IT set-up, and helping them to identify and address points of risk – whether within their internal systems or IT management processes, or emerging industry-wide threats – before they can disrupt operations.’

This collaborative approach was developed at a range of organisations that have strong proactive management philosophies. Most recently, he was IT Operations and Support Manager at Mantra Learning and its subsidiary companies, where he gained a reputation for both effective team leadership, and the development of clear processes that pre-emptively and efficiently tracked, analysed and resolved issues to ensure that IT systems sustainably supported business operations.

His first task at STL is to meet current users, to assess their experiences of STL’s professional services and understand their future needs.

He will be available at the Unitas Trade Show on 17 March and hopes to speak to as many wholesalers there as possible.