Are you collecting all the money you’re owed from supplier claims? This can be a tricky task to manage efficiently, but not doing so can cost you thousands. STL’s new Supplier Claims Management software makes the whole process much easier.

Losing money on supplier claims?

Creative, ad-hoc incentives that help a supplier get more stock in circulation and you make extra money should be a win-win. But many wholesalers are losing potential profit by not being able to efficiently manage supplier claims for credit, bonuses or refunds due. It may only be a little here, a little there, but it can add up to a lot.

One of the problems is the variation of incentive schemes  – from Sales Out, to display position or other short-term Manual agreement – all of which may apply organisation-wide or to a specific branch, and which may require settlement by a credit-note, cheque or cash-back arrangement. Then there are the overbilling claims – such as for breakages or under-delivery.

Manually tracking the different sums due over varying periods and a myriad of SKUs can be a headache. Let alone marrying them with the accounting process and keeping track of what has been settled or not.

To take the pain out of this process, STL has developed a Supplier Claims Management (SCM) module which plugs seamlessly into STL’s new merchandise management system – MMS Evo.  It collates purchase and stock data related to claims and automatically emails claims to suppliers in line with agreed terms.

The easy-to-use system gives authorised executives full visibility of all relevant data, making it easy to track the status of claims – which can be very useful ahead of a re-order, for example.  Its flexibility also allows different people to be authorised for different types of claims. So, for example, a branch manager could access locally-agreed claims, but be excluded visibility of data relating to an organisation-wide arrangement.

Increased control, increased profits, and reduced effort. Now that’s a win-win-win!