We wish to reassure you of the steps taken by STL Technology Solutions Ltd to ensure continuation of services now that the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is worsening. We appreciate that your business is dependent on the continuity of the software and the services that we provide.

The health of our employees and clients is our main priority, along with ensuring that we maintain a high level of service. We are closely monitoring all developments, and following the guidance of Public Health England to ensure that we can limit the impact of the virus.

What to Expect
It’s business as usual!  STL has had business continuity plans in place for some time and the COVID-19 outbreak has allowed us to put these plans into immediate action. You will be able to reach us by phone and email, as you have always done. We continue to monitor the call logs to ensure maximum availability during contracted hours.

We are committed to providing our support to you and all of your team.

  • Our personnel are able to work from home if required – All staff have been issued with laptops
  • Our support systems are CLOUD-based
  • Our staff have secure access to Teamviewer remote support tool, this provides the most effective way for us to support you from any location.
  • Our hours of service remain the same

As an organisation driven by technologies that are optimised for remote support, we want you to be assured that our dedicated teams remain available to help you. Our helpdesk, client success and senior executives are dedicated to helping you through this challenging event. We’re making decisions, like you, in real time, eliminating non-critical travel and monitoring the guidance from local and global authorities to keep everyone safe.