STL has formed a strategic partnership with RNF, the UK’s leading provider of eCommerce solutions for wholesalers.

Times are a-changing and wholesalers must a-change with them.

According to Ivan Durkin, Managing Director of STL:

‘The market climate is changing at a blinding pace. Wholesalers need to adapt quickly if they want to more than merely survive beyond COVID-19. A powerful, flexible, new-generation IT engine like MMS Evo will help them become far more responsive. But they also need to engage customers in real-time, wherever and whenever they happen to be working. When we met RNF we knew we could do something truly evolutionary together.’

RNF’s is an eCommerce platform designed to enable wholesalers to offer their customers 24/7 ordering through a fully branded app. The app works across mobile, tablet and desktop formats to deliver a seamless omni-channel experience that allows customers to start an order on one device and finish it on another. The standard ordering app has zero setup or ongoing charges. Greater functionality is available through affordable upgrades from RNF’s broad portfolio of features – from barcode scanning and a basket builder, to personalised in-app advertising and product placement.

Rob Mannion, Founder and CEO of RNF, said,

‘To survive and ultimately thrive in these challenging times, wholesalers will need to be as mobile, social and personal as their customers.  Our solution makes it easy and affordable for wholesalers to enter this new era of multi-platform eCommerce.’

Already, some £200m of UK wholesale revenue is processed by RNF’s technology per annum.

Now, through a new API (interface) STL and RNF will integrate MMS Evo and to deliver the first truly seamless and real-time end-to-end, omni-channel ordering solution for wholesalers. It will effectively put operators’ depots in customers’ pockets, enabling them to order on the go 24/7, while enabling wholesalers to deep-analyse and pre-empt customer needs to provide a more responsive, personalised and profitable service.

Excitingly, RNF is also at the forefront of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to tackling real-world business challenges. Through their new partnership, STL and RNF plan to explore innovative new ways to harness this technology and develop easy-to-use products that will help operators thrive in the Post-pandemic Age.