Nothing has tested wholesalers’ ability to juggle long- and short- term planning quite like Covid-19. But £100m London-based distributed wholesaler, Venus Wine Spirit Merchants, has hardly missed a beat since upgrading to the next-generation IT solution from STL

Smooth Operator

The hospitality, events and retail sectors were some of the hardest-hit by the erratic economy of the pandemic. This made it particularly tricky for delivered wholesalers like Venus to cost-effectively manage stock levels and their 40-strong fleet, let alone the business itself. However, the company has retained its exemplary reputation for service, pricing and efficiency – thanks in part to its foresight in upgrading to STL’s next-generation merchandise management solution STL MMS Evo, seamlessly integrated with STL’s SOP sales order processing system, a mobile ordering app and the Tableau business intelligence solution.


Designed by wholesalers for wholesalers, STL MMS Evo is the most intelligent, responsive and reliable IT platform in the market. Evolved from STL’s trusted MMS software and powered by Microsoft, it delivers the superior control, agility and usability operators need to accelerate their performance while automatically maintaining compliance with trading regulations and best security practices.

Laki Christoforou, Chairman of Venus, said,

‘STL’s dynamic and comprehensive solution gives us the clear insights we need to keep our prices tight and customer service sharp in an uncertain present, plus the confidence to plan for the future. We love the fact that their open platform is always evolving, too, which puts us ahead of the curve whatever direction the market moves in.’