With global events continuing to upset supply chains and market dynamics, we’ve accelerated our Development Programme to meet customers’ changing needs. Some of the new modules include:

STL Goods Inwards Dashboard

This new module drives superior efficiency into stocktaking operations. Running on Android-based terminals or tablets, it displays such information as all purchase orders, goods due status and pallets booked in on a single screen. 

With versions for single and multiple depots it ensures pickers can:

  • Be ready to receive goods as they arrive 
  • Move quickly to and around the pick face 
  • Chase overdue deliveries in a timely manner 
  • Check un-booked orders, reducing the amount of sales lost through out-of-stocks 

STL Enterprise Purchase & Logistics

It can be difficult to track and control total replenishment requirements in a multi-site operation. 

Our new Enterprise Purchase & Logistics is designed specifically for delivered operators, supporting confident purchase order decisions by helping them to take full advantage of lorry capacity, routes and any incentives to order as cost-, time- and space- efficiently as possible. 

STL Supplier Claims Management

The sheer variety of incentives can be difficult to manage, which results in many going unclaimed. 

STL Supplier Claims Management automatically collates relevant purchase, stock and promotional data from a wholesaler’s back-office system, before emailing claims to their suppliers in line with agreed terms. It then tracks the status of each claim, enabling operators to manage overdue payments more vigorously to prevent profits escaping. 

One wholesaler used the module to reel in £1m in previously untracked claims.