Ahead of opening its eighth depot, in Birmingham, wholesale giant Parfetts has invested in a state-of-the-art 100,000 sq ft facility designed deliver an industry-best customer experience. Underpinning this ambition is a next-generation STL technology solution.

Parfetts has installed a new STL solutions to optimise its efficiency, productivity and agility so that it can continue to provide the value-led service it’s known for whilst responding effectively to fast-changing market conditions.

Guy Swindell, joint managing director, Parfetts, said, ‘The industry has emerged from Brexit and the pandemic to face new uncertainties caused by global supply chain issues on top of national recruitment, economic and political pressures. Our customers are reacting with a diverse range of strategies – both short and long-term – and we are committed to supporting all of these whilst progressing our own expansion plans.

‘To achieve this, we need strategic suppliers we can trust to help us streamline our own operations, champion a superior customer experience and plan the future with confidence. It’s a tall order but, with its deep understanding of the wholesale sector, sophisticated solutions and continuous investment in product evolution, STL has become one of our lead technology partners.’

The STL solution for Parfetts includes:


STL MMS Evo is the most intelligent, flexible and reliable Merchandise Management Solution in the wholesale sector. Evolved from STL’s trusted MMS software and powered by the mighty Microsoft platform, it will help Parfetts drive down operating costs, make the most of its resources and gain the control it needs to make and execute decisions swiftly.


STL has also taken its respected Sales Order Processing solution into the next generation with intuitive management tools and an intelligent dashboard.  These will help Parfetts maintain a fast, error-free and value-boosting service to consolidate customer loyalty whilst optimising sales and protecting margins with minimum administrative effort.

TPD Split Pack

This integrated module will enable Parfetts to automatically stay compliant with TPD regulations and keep its checkout process flowing smoothly with just a single entry of tobacco product data. What’s more, it can handle split packs, enabling Parfetts to support all its tobacco customers, whatever their needs.

Biometric POS

STL’s POS solutions are notably function-rich, easy to use with minimal training requirements, and robust with stand-alone resilience to sustain trading even in the event of a back-office hardware or network problem. Integrated with Evo, they will automatically feed Parfett’s head office systems to reduce associated administrative tasks and automatically update functional and security features. 

Access to the POS units is controlled by fingerprint recognition. This will help Parfetts raise accountability for service quality, something its employee-owners proudly view as a key point of difference for the business.

Evo Android Picking

STL’s Android-based picking terminals will also improve the efficiency and accuracy of this critical process as more of Parfetts’ customers seek its various distribution or customer-collection services. The solution validates items against orders and invoices as it scans, and supports effective stock control and before-date management. What’s more, the units’ standalone capability allows work to continue even if WiFi is down, so preventing delays or workarounds.

Mr Swindell said,

‘Combined, we believe these will help us deliver our best customer experience yet, expand our symbol groups and plan for sustainable growth despite the ongoing market volatility.’