The power of information
We designed STL Evo to help wholesalers better understand, control and strategically plan their operations.

Based on Microsoft and SQL technology, Evo makes it easy to query and collate information from the warehouse to the point of sale or delivery. Its library of customisable management reports, ability to export data to documents like Excel or Word, and the Sales Order Processing (SOP) graphical dashboard makes it easy to monitor performance and plan proactively.

The power of innovation
Evo’s open architecture makes it easy to seamlessly add new functionality as needed and we’re continuously growing our suite of optional modules.

Open banking
We’ve partnered with EchoPay to develop the first fully integrated card payment/open banking solution for the wholesale POS – providing a faster, easier and more secure way to pay.

EchoPay is helping the likes of Lubna Foods, United Wholesale Grocers, United Wholesale (Scotland) and Venus Wine & Spirit Merchants reduce their banking charges from pounds to pence.

Sage API
Our latest API seamlessly integrates Evo with Sage Standard. This enabled Bestwines to automatically update its accounts system every minute – eliminating the re-keying chore and the associated risk of human error.

Android terminals

Our Android-based terminals extend and future-proof your investment. The wearable units simplify picking and reduce errors, while the multi-function handhelds can handle:

  • Product enquiry
  • Creation of sales orders
  • Goods inward
  • Barcode capture
  • Stock taking
  • Merchandising
  • Order picking
  • Queue reduction

Cut queues and customer frustration.

Running on a mobile device (including our Android Handheld), this app can scan orders across the depot and send them live to your POS.

Tobacco track & trace split pack

This module has automatic split pack handling for half outers (5x packs of 20), allowing you to scan individual pack trace codes at the till when you take your customer’s Economic Operator ID. 

Guy Swindell, Joint MD of Parfetts, said,

‘It’s a real win-win: it’s made the process faster for our customers at the POS and is less labour-intensive for us whilst keeping us fully compliant with HMRC reporting requirements.’