NCR Smart Retail Enterprise is at the core of the NCR Smart Retail suite. This module maintains the master data and manages the business operations across the entire suite to help deliver consistent customer experiences across touchpoints. With NCR Smart Retail, consumers can start a sales transaction in one channel and complete it in another, and retailers can gain insights into all transactional activity to gain a holistic view of the business and customer demand.

NCR Smart Retail Enterprise helps retailers eliminate silos between touchpoints to improve inventory planning and the ability to fulfil omni-channel orders. The solution provides a view of inventory availability and valuation across the enterprise, along with a unified view of the customer. NCR Smart Retail Enterprise centralizes and maintains all master data – products, vendors, stores, and customers – and disseminates it across all relevant modules and touchpoints. This module maintains the master data layer behind the retail suite – eCommerce, POS, mobile POS, omni-channel loyalty management and passes, along with the data analytics to support retail operations.

Designed with your omni-channel goals in mind

NCR Smart Retail Enterprise collates and manages transactional data from all touch points, to support the day-to-day business operations inside the store and across digital channels. This includes orders, sales transactions, returns, stock counts, and customer activity. The module helps optimize omni-channel retailing by providing a single view of inventory (stock pool) across all locations. When a customer places an order for an item, the retailer can fulfil that order regardless of the physical location of the inventory, which helps maximize sales potential.

The integrated management dashboard provides a quick view of preconfigured KPI’s to help drive fast, informed decisions. There is also a report writer for custom reports, and a visual query builder tool for ad-hoc analysis. When something requires immediate attention, NCR Smart Retail sends an automated alert through in-app messages, email, or text message. Alerts are assigned to user roles so that the right associate can take care of the required action.

NCR Smart Retail Enterprise can be scaled to meet the needs for any size retailer and supports 16 languages and many global currencies. For larger retailers, NCR Smart Retail Enterprise can easily integrate with existing ERP or merchandise management systems. For smaller retailers without ERP systems, NCR Smart Retail Enterprise can function as the complete business solution when coupled with an accounting package.

Flexibility to prepare your business for the future

NCR Smart Retail Enterprise gives your business an open and agile ecosystem that helps you meet today’s demand and prepare for the future. Automatic-update functionality delivers product updates to the enterprise module based on configuration settings, and updates are then automatically detected and applied to the additional modules. The system framework includes tools for customizing the user interface, along with integrations with standard ERP systems, payment processing, and other third-party solutions. The open API’s enable extensibility to add functionality as business needs and customer demands evolve.

Omni-channel customers spend 4% more on every in-store shopping trip

SOURCE: Harvard Business Review


Data Management

  • Centralized source of data for products, prices and promotions; including merchandising hierarchies and POS flags
  • Multiple locations (including subsidiaries) can be maintained and hosted
  • Pricing rules allow users to define item prices based on target margins, mark-up percentages, and more – and manage these prices across channels and touch points
  • Audit logs capture data updates in real time for future analysis

Inventory Management

  • Single view of inventory availability across locations with transactional updates every 30 seconds, to help increase fulfilment accuracy of click-and-collect orders using store inventory
  • Statistical demand forecasting to help improve inventory replenishment, accounting for order lead times, minimum order quantities and more
  • Provides full cost-based inventory accounting using standard or average costing

Deployment and Technology

  • Runs on the Microsoft operating system using the Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • Deployed on-premise or in the cloud – a replication engine helps provide referential integrity if connection is lost
  • POS terminals can be linked an on-site store server, or to NCR Smart Retail Enterprise over the Internet

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