In the chaotic world of wholesale, operators are often reacting to the latest or loudest requests. But there is a way to improve customer service whilst ensuring your customer contacts are planned, systematic, regular and able to optimise sales values: STL Telesales.

We’ve upgraded STL Telesales, making it even easier and speedier to use, meaning your telesales team won’t need much training before they will start to optimise profits.

The system allows you to create a schedule of customer contacts, and prompts telesales personnel to make the calls when due. It provides the customer’s ordering history in a pre-formatted order template which significantly cuts call time and sales administration. What’s more, if a customer calls while their regular account handler is busy, the system can arrange a pre-planned transfer or swift call-back – all of which boosts customer experience.

Meanwhile the system also increases profits, sending prompts relevant to each customer about forgotten standard order items, substituted items, promotions and upsell combinations they might be interested in based on ordering history.

It also provides valuable strategic insights for sales managers – into which customers are ordering less or not at all so you can make your next call timely and productive.  It also clearly shows how call handlers are tracking so you can redistribute the workload or provide training as necessary.