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Speedy Android Handheld Solution

The new STL Handheld is a wireless and standalone scanning solution that improves the efficiency, control and accuracy of key stock processes. The system holds all the data it needs in the device, so it can operate even when not connected to the Internet to prevent delays and workarounds. Running on Android, it allows users to quickly benefit from new apps and features, while extending their customer base and service satisfaction. The solution is ideal for:

  • Goods inwards
  • Product enquiry
  • Order picking
  • Barcode capture
  • Stock taking
  • Creating a sales order
  • Merchandising
  • Queue busting

Premium terminals

STL offers premium handheld units, the Datalogic Skorpio X5: a superfast, superlight and superior performing stock checking terminal.

It balances elegantly in the hand and has the largest, brightest multi-touch display in the sector, making it quick and easy to use in any light condition. Yet it is also tough, with Gorilla Glass display, additional bumpers and an optional rubber boot enabling it to withstand multiple drops up to 1.8m (6 ft), and hermetically sealed with an IP65 rating. Its state-of-the-art charging and battery management gives it extra endurance for extended use. Further, its new-generation near/far scanners can immediately read any barcode even when labels are damaged, scratched or under a plastic wrap, so requiring less time-consuming intervention from warehouse staff.

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