Saving wholesalers time & money

With global events continuing to upset supply chains and market dynamics, we’ve accelerated our Development Programme to meet customers’ changing needs.

Reducing delivery fleet costs

In response to staff shortages and fuel price hikes, STL has further improved vehicle management efficiency for wholesalers by integrating Optrak’s flagship vehicle routing solution with MMS Evo.

New Tech Talent Supports Strong STL Sales

STL MMS Evo, our flagship IT platform for wholesalers, is in hot demand – not only amongst existing STL customers but by an increasing number of new operators seeking to future-proof their businesses with intelligent software, robust hardware and advanced security from a response service provider. To make their migration as smooth and profitable as possible, we’ve appointed Antony Wilkinson to help them assess and specify their requirements.

Cut card fees

STL has integrated STL MMS Evo with EchoPay to help wholesalers reduce their card merchant fees while transferring payments faster and more securely.

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