Be where your customers are

Increasingly, your customers want to engage with you in real time, whenever and from wherever they happen to be working.

In a new joint venture with B2B Store, STL is delivering the first truly seamless and real-time omni-channel eCommerce solution for delivered wholesalers and foodservice operators.

The app is ‘dressed’ with your brand and works across mobile, tablet and desktop formats, allowing your customers to start an order on one device and finish it on another. The standard ordering app has zero setup or ongoing charges. Greater functionality is available through affordable upgrades from a broad portfolio of features – from barcode scanning and a basket builder, to personalised in-app advertising and product placement. It even incorporates the specialist foodservice solution, Erodus.

Combined with STL MMS Evo, this new solution will effectively put your depot in your customers’ pockets, allowing them to pounce on orders when they think of them, 24/7, which has proven to increase loyalty and total spend. Meanwhile, it enables you to deep-analyse their needs so you can provide a super-responsive and targeted service to further boost your competitive advantage and bottom line.